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In my latest paintings, there are figures and people who depict specific themes, where the titles have become important clues in the interpretation of the stories. I have moved from external depictions of the nature around me to internal images and impressions.

I am back in an existential, intuitive process, where I use music and scents to evoke the motifs. I move in an archetypal, spiritual reality, where I draw lines to ancient cultures, or to future cultures. Time is dissolving. Color and light give the pictures an extra dimension.

The aim of my pictures is to remind us of our universal origin. Where, despite cultural and social circumstances, we share the same basic human needs and desires for love and affection. Where we recognize that we are part of a world where spiritual search and insight have always driven us. And which can still give us meaning and perspective.

I only paint in oil on canvas, where I use both a painter's knife and a brush.


Torben Kaas

I painted my first pictures in the summer of 1990, when I started the art group KARLA in Næstved together with three friends. We were all unemployed, and met in the morning where we studied art books, tried out different techniques, painted and drank a lot of coffee at the local café.

The following three years were full focus on painting, where I exhibited in various art associations, banks, and public offices and restaurants. In 1991 I spent three months at an art school in Holbæk, with concentrated teaching. Both in technology, but also in art history, where I e.g. followed Pierre Beskow. During that period, I found great inspiration in the Danish painters Oluf Høst, Per Kirkeby.

In 1995 I moved to Copenhagen and became acquainted with Kurt Trampedach through the film "The Man on the Mountain", which depicts his life as an artist in the Pyrenees in France. It was the start of three years of highly spiritual, abstract images, during which I discovered the power of intuitive energies in meditative sessions.

At the end of the 90s I moved to the countryside and put painting a bit in the background at the expense of songwriting, music and concerts. In the following years I released quite a few records in different genres. I was still exhibiting though.

In 2018, painting again became the main focus, and I painted a number of pictures with motifs from Bisserup. The pictures were exhibited and sold in galleries around the country. The motifs were naturalistic and the palette again consisted of strong and strong earth colours. The light was in the center. The light that I saw, and experienced, on the starndengen in Bisserup morning and evening. The theme was beach houses, houses and farms in and around the city.

The pictures were very successful and received good reviews, i.a. from Tom Jørgensen, art critic and editor at Denmark's leading art magazine. They were also presented in his book "101 Artists 2022/23"
Gradually, the houses took on a more and more abstract feel, culminating in autumn 2022 with the current spiritual expression.


Torben Kaas


Torben Kaas


Torben Kaas


Torben Kaas

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