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My name is Susanne Mølby and I work as a full-time artist. I have always worked creatively - my theoretical background is a seminar education as a needlework teacher / visual artist. I have worked a lot with fabric, yarn and paper.

For the last many years it has been the painting that I am fascinated by - here I have found my right shelf to express myself. There are no rules or raised index fingers - everything is allowed on the screen and it's great to work with. I never know what my painting will end up with - I am inspired by nature - colors - the weather - the seasons - the people - the animals - shapes - geometry.

As an artist, I am very interested in the interplay between techniques and colors. I find inspiration in my surroundings - which my paintings are also marked by. The process of painting starts intuitively and at a pace with loud music - I have no action plan - so it works best for me.

Susanne Mølby 


  • Februar 2022: Lars-Kristian Hansen –Abstrakt maleri
  • Juni 2021: Susanne Gemmer -Abstrakt
  • Januar 2021: Århus Kunstakademi

(6 mdrs. Uddannelse)

  • November 2018: Lars-Kristian Hansen

Abstrakt maleri

  • Oktober 2018: Vibeke Frost - Collographi
  • Juni 2018: Ken Dening – Maleri Landskab
  • Juni 2018: Hanne Mathiesen – Collage
  • Maj 2018: Britta Ørvig -  Monoprints
  • April 2018: Verner Brems

Portræt maleri

  • Januar 2018: Henrik Kruse Sandstrøm

Pouring teknik

  • August 2017: Benita Mølgaard

Gelli plate

  • Maj 2015: Rie Brødsgaard / Annemette

Akryl maleri/Abstrakt kunst

  • Jelling statsseminarium – Billedkunstner 2 årig uddannelse
  • Haandarbejdets Fremme Kerteminde 1


Susanne Mølby



Eventyrlig Kunst Bogense 2022

Viborg Kunstmesse 2022

Kunst i Hasseriis 2021

Kolding Kunstdage 2021

Domus Vejle 2021

Fredericia Art festival 2021


Art assoiciations:

Energinet Fredericia

Marel Aarhus

Pressalit Ry

Rigspolitiet KBH.

Fibervisions Varde

Orifarm Odense


Dalum Landbrugsskole

Regionshuset Aarhus

Niko Servodan Sønderborg

Mac Baren Svendborg

Bech&Bruun Aarhus



Susanne Mølby

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