Profile: Susanne Gemmer

I am a sculptor of the heart and work continuously in my picturesque universe. I'm constantly exploring and at times challenged in my studio. Being able to navigate in chaos in the process of imagery, drives and takes me constantly!

As a sculptor I work primarily in the abstract expression. My imagery is always experimental, as it is in my nature to be discovered. My works are painted with acrylic on canvas - but often with papers in the lower layers, as it gives the works a special energy and fabricity. I am inspired by the interaction of the colors, and there may be "drama", but it is also very important to me that the works also create a calm for the viewer.

Whether I'm just intuitively letting the brush and my unconscious mind take over or if I'm in the final phase, I deliberately take control of the work around finishing a work of art, I love working in my beautiful colorful universe.

I collect impressions that are reflected in my finished works in one form or another.




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