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I work with art from my residence near Haderslev in Southern Jutland.

In 2020, I switched to working with art full time, and today it is my livelihood.
I am constantly looking to develop and get loose on the canvas, where I am drawn to the uncertain and imperfect in painting.

My wish is that through my artistic expressions I can inspire the viewer to experiences, storytelling, joy and spontaneity when you go exploring in my pictorial universe, whether it is in private homes, at work, or for my exhibitions.

On my daily walks along the beach, I find peace and inspiration for a walk in the fantastic universe of the senses. My inspiration is stored through reeds, weeds, seaweed, flowers, the guiding movements of the guinea pigs in the surface of the water, the roar of the sea and the constant changeability of the sky with the migration of the clouds. The course of the year is fascinating with its countless color shades, which change with the season. I am therefore preoccupied and driven by capturing the magical moments of nature and transferring these to my canvas.

My paintings do not have titles, for the sole reason that you have to explore the work yourself and immerse yourself in the stories you experience.
The material is acrylic on canvas.


Sanne Bruhn






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