Profile: Sanne Bruhn

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I work with art in my private home near Haderslev. I am a self-taught visual artist and have been painting for many years. I have participated in many courses, but otherwise it is "learning by doing".
The material is acrylic on canvas.
I live close to some beautiful beaches, where I go almost daily. The inspiration I find in the colors of nature. It may be the brown weed. Reeds and grass. Sand, seaweed and corrugated foam. The sea and the sky. Sunrise and sunset. Beautiful red rose and much, much more.
In my development, I look for the uncertain and imperfect in painting. In my pictures, there are often yellow, blue and brown. For me, the yellow shades are the sun, the light and the heat. The blue shades are the open, the magnificent, the far reaching. The brown shades are the down to earth, the silence and the foundation.
My paintings do not have titles, just because the viewer must form his own impression of the work.


Upcoming exhibitions:
January-June 2020: PopUp Art Gallery in Haderslev.
August and September 2020: Galleri Vognporten in Mariager.
September 2020: Fairytale art in Bogense.




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