Profile: Sabina Bredemeier

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Sabina Bredemeier

On the street, I find old and new tracks based on monuments, posters and graffiti that create a digital message in a new message that is similar across generations and contemporary.
Born in 1965 in Bückeburg.

Artistic accompaniment and study trips by Prof. Hanns Jatzlau (drawing)
and Carlo Wientzek (sculpture) of the FH Kunst in Hannover.
In 2016 my collaboration with the Hamburg-based gallery Popstreet-shop and the Hamburg gallery Ewa Helena, as well as the gallery Broekmann in
Krefeld started.

In 2018 I started for the "Theater in der List / Hannover" under the direction
of the director and actor Willi Schlüter with scene photography and the design of scenery, u. a. for "The boat is full", "Sonny Boys" and "Kalif Stork".
At the end of 2018, with my pictures in the Leibniz Theater, I staged the
play Absinthe and Charleston as a revue of the Golden Twenties.

In July 2019 I participated in the international art exhibition POPKISS in




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