Profile: Nick Gyllin

I always strive to be the best artist I can be in my lifetime.

I work towards a dreamy realism at its core, and the meeting between humans,  animals and nature, as well as human realism.

In my work you'll find and experience the mixture of nature's cruelty but also it's beauty. The goal is to capture this experience in an illustration, and to create drama in brushstrokes and illustration.

I want to develop vivid paintings behind the illustration. There must be both fixed hard points in my art, but at the same time a more relaxed and loose part. In different shifts and layers, I work towards a vibrating light to build an experience of life in oil painting. My tools range from palette knives, different types of brushes "flat, round, but also homemade tools, all the available medium and fit the situation.

I have previously worked with acrylic, pouring effects and watercolor painting, but oil was what suited me the best.




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