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 Art must be met and created in the encounter with man.

I strive to create a calmness and reflection around my paintings. To immerse oneself in the horizon and dive into twilight, flowers and bushes. Nothing can create more tranquility than nature.

I paint primarily naturalistic paintings, which at times tangential to the abstract. Often my paintings have a feminine touch, which arises both in the choice of color and the motif. The motifs are created from inspiration in our surrounding nature as well as beaches.

As a self-taught painter, I have been painting for the past 15 years. I have primarily worked with commissioned work, where I have depicted objects, animals, people and nature. A commissioned work of nature in calm shades, I was turned on by creating precisely paintings whose focal point is based on nature. When I'm not behind the easel, I work as a teacher.

Nadia Mundt


Nadia Mundt


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