Profile: Mette Viballe Kristensen

My name is Mette Viballe Kristensen and I was born in 1975.

My artistic work started back in the 1990s. I have tried several different expressions over the years, but have returned to the abstract painting in calm earth tones.

For me, it provides tranquility in an often hectic everyday life when what I look at - on the walls - is calm and balanced.

I have learned that in my painting universe I can create a calm that gives me profits. This has meant that in recent years I have concentrated more and more on my artistic work.

My paintings are inspired by the colors of the earth. I paint with different media, including acrylic paint and ink. In addition, I often use a structural paste on my paintings, which gives life and play to the otherwise smooth surface.

I love to paint, and I hope it shines through so that you also feel like getting some peace and balance into your home through my paintings.


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