Profile: Marvin Wagner

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Marvin Wagner has been enthusiastic about creative work since childhood. Art has always been a stability and important for his inner balance. The works do not follow a specific concept, but arise from his current emotional state.

They can be abstract or characterized by pop and street art elements. They are usually made from a mix of expressive acrylic paints, chalk, spray paints & collages.

Marvin Wagner grew up in Kiel in Northern Germany, completed an apprenticeship in the banking sector and achieved a degree in business administration with focus on hospital management. He noticed early that numbers don’t complete his private life, so he needed
always a creative balance in his life.


Painting shaped by emotions and feelings. Marvin Wagner loves to combine abstract worlds of color with pop art elements. A lot of his work has a personal connection to his life. All creations, whether brightly colored or characterized by dark colors, are full of optimism and joy.

“Painting is my balance and relaxes me - it gives me the opportunity to create something new in the chaos of colors. Something new that moves, connects and makes other people happy ”.









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