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I am a trained primary school teacher and have taught visual arts for many years. I have continuously participated in painting courses at the Teachers College. I have also painted at Mads Rye's painting school over a long period of years.

I paint both figuratively and abstractly. When I paint figuratively, I paint with oil. I find among other things, motifs from photos of my immediate environment and from travels. I'm looking to show a mood that I reminisce by looking at these photos. I am often inspired by places and situations, which might not be immediately remarkable, but which I still think contain something special.

Kunst af Marianne Laursen

In addition to places and situations with people, flowers, i.a. banana flowers and plants, often a theme in my figurative paintings.
With my abstract works I experiment with form, colors and materials. I paint with oil and / or acrylic and sometimes adds materials such as tissue paper, ink, charcoal, colored pencils etc.
Figurative elements often enter my abstract paintings, so that they are not complete nonfigurative. Sometimes in the form of patterns and stylized flowers.

In some paintings samples I like to create depth in the abstract, but other times I focus more on shapes and colors and to a lesser extent on whether there is depth in the painting.
I mostly work in such a way that I am working on both a figurative and an abstract painting. Often, several non-covering layers are needed on the abstract, and these layers can then dry, while I work on the figurative.


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 Marianne Laursen

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