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I was born in 1981 in Kaunas - Lithuania. 

In Kaunas I finished high school there and got my higher education.

I have been interested in painting all my life. I studied textile design at KTU (Lithuanian Kaunas University of Technology), but in this field
I didn't work. After all, the desire for art and painting won!

I have been a naturalist and photorealist painter for more than 15 years. At first a hobby now and source of livelihood. I admire the harmony of nature's colors and forms the most, so in my works I try to get as close as possible to the perfection of nature's colors and forms. Sometimes caught surrounding the moods of nature also became expressionist songs. The canvas is a place where I can convey feelings and moods and share them.

To rest and draw energy for painting, I look to the depths of the sea. For me, the sea is the soul of a person, and the waves are a mirror that reflects all its moods. It is my inspiration and refreshment for both eyes and soul. 



I paint exclusively with oil paints, because they differ in their properties from other painting materials and with them you can convey all the beauty of nature and the breadth of the palette. I like to leave traces of the brush in my works - it's like the author entering the picture.

In seascapes, I try to use semi-abstract techniques so that the sea radiates its dynamism and impermanence.
In smaller works, I play with color contrasts and the perfection of natural forms.


Mantas Naulickas

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