Profile: Lotte Seide

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My name is Lotte Seide. I am 38 years old, live in Copenhagen and have painted and drawn most of my life.

My paintings are colorful and take place in a living and sometimes childish universe. The energy that is in my paintings is also reflected in my painting technique, which consists of quick brush strokes and marker strokes. I also experiment with painting with other tools such as forks and spoons that can also give useful effects and play between colors.

I mainly paint pictures of musicians. The musical universe fascinates me, as I find musical instruments to be one of the most beautiful human creations. I always start by drawing the instrument, as the figure playing the instrument almost appears by itself.

I exhibit on a daily basis in a gallery in Gothersgade in Copenhagen, in addition to this I exhibit in various cultural centers, art associations and galleries. Among other things, I have had exhibitions in the Kulturium in Ishøj, the Gallopperiet in Christiania, the Metronomen in Frederiksberg and Argo in Roskilde.




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