Profile: Lise Dahl

Lise Dahl is an art painter, born in 1963 and grew up in Resen by Skive, whose art is distinguished by happy colors, energetic compositions, naive and subtle motives.

She has gone to Skivehus School (departure 1979) and later to Trade and Office. In the start celebrations, Lise moved to Viborg, where interest in art gradually begins. This brings her to Århus, where in 1988 she was educated as an artist at the Academy of Creative Works.

In 1989, Lise moved to Zealand and participated in a course here, with painter and graphic artist Ulrik Hoff in Gentofte. This paves the way for Lise's first task (1990), which is an office decoration at the then Swedish Telecommunications Department in Denmark. The same year she is holding her first solo exhibition, which takes place at Gallerie Green in Virum. Since then, Lise has published art postcards (Stender's art publisher 1996), sold paintings and continuously made decorating tasks and held exhibitions.Particular mention should be made of the three exhibitions at Hvidovre Censored Exhibition. In addition, Lise has also gained recognition by being a "house artist" at the country's largest art association Hvidovre Hospital. Thus, over a number of years in 25 years, Lise has had exhibitions in the hospital's hiking hall and has made many decoration projects for the individual hospital sections.

Occasionally, Lise has also had time to train for porcelain paints (The Royal Porcelain Factory) and in 2007 she was educated at Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt's Frederiksberg School of Fine Arts.

The recurring features of the paintings:When, like me, you have been painting for over 25 years, your paintings, today, of course, are very different from those you started with in their time. You develop, get new ideas, more inspiration and not insignificantly better craftsmanship and a better technique.

But, the red thread has been wonderfully there all the time:

- The colorful, expressionistic and imaginative motifs, most often in the form of fantasy worlds of humans and animals pictured in a childish and immediate manner, yet with serious undertones of war and politics.

For me, as a painter, it is important to try to shout people that everything we do will return at a later time in life and that life is like a short movie that rolls strongly past - soon It is brand new generations that take over as if we have never existed and only become past.

The inspiration:

- both from free imagination and imitation.

- the movement in nature, such as the wilderness of the sea, the storms where everything stands in one, the dark obscure clouds that pass over the sky, but also the transitions to sunshine and stability.

- travel that offers exotic light and color, as well as other people's differences around the globe, our different ways of living, the differences of faith, and our attempts to make life come together.These sources inspire me to interpretations that are better suited to a canvas than to be spoken in words, and hopefully, the viewer brings an even deeper and better understanding of the message.

Curriculum vitae


Born in 1963 in Skive.

1988 Graduate of the Academy of Creative Work, Aarhus.

1989 Course activities At the painter and graphic artist Ulrik Hoff, Gentofte.

1998 Educated porcelain painter at the Royal Porcelain Factory, Royal Copenhagen, Frederiksberg.

2007 Further education at Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholts Frederiksbergske Bildedkunstskole.


Exhibitions etc .:

1996 Sold pictures for Stender's art publisher and published art postcard.

2000 Sold pictures for Realkredit Danmark.

2001 Studio visit to Valby by Hvidovre Hospital's art association.

2005 Art Fair Artville, Hellerup.The artist route, open studio and visit of Hvidovre Hospital's art association.

1990 Office decoration of the Swedish Telecommunications Department in Denmark.Separate exhibition in Gallerie Green, Virum

1991 Business exhibition at Futura Reklamebureau, Copenhagen.Exhibition in restaurant “Cote du Beuf” Copenhagen.

1992 Business exhibition at Aage Hempel International, Copenhagen.“New names” Exhibition at New Court Gallery, Copenhagen.Business exhibition at SAS Data, CopenhagenExhibition in Hvidovre Hospital Art Association, Hvidovre.Joint studio exhibition for B & W's art association, Copenhagen.

1993 Exhibition in Gallerie “The house at Kongens Have”, Copenhagen.

1994 Exhibition in Hvidovre Hospital Art Association, Hvidovre.Exhibition at Carl F's Art Association, Valby.

1995 Exhibition in Nykredit's art association, Copenhagen.Hvidovre censored exhibition.

1997 Fixed exhibition at Hvidovre Hospital's art association.

2001 Common summer exhibition at Galleri Bomhuset, Amager.Separate exhibition in Galleri Maro, Vesterbro.Exhibition at SAP Denmark, Brøndby.

2002 Exhibition at Maersk Air's art association, Kastrup.Hvidovre censored exhibition.Common summer exhibition at Galleri Maro, Vesterbro.

2003 Separate exhibition in Galleri Maro, Vesterbro.Exhibition at Arla Foods Art Association, Copenhagen.Exhibition at Nilfisk Art Society, Brøndby.

2004 Summer exhibition, City Art Gallery, Stockholm.Exhibition at FTF Kunstforening, Copenhagen.

2006 Decorating assignments at various departments at Hvidovre Hospital. Curriculum Vitae (continued)

2007 Decorating assignments at various departments at Hvidovre Hospital.Exhibition at UL International Demko A / S.

2008 Decorating assignments at various departments at Hvidovre Hospital.Hvidovre censored exhibition.2009 decoration projects at various departments at Hvidovre Hospital.Exhibits at Galleri Bomhuset Amager.

2010 Exhibition at the Art Association 3 M.Exhibition at the art association Niras A / S Allerød.Exhibition at the art association Amagerforbrændingen Kbh S.

2011 Exhibition at Ecco`s art association.Exhibition at the art association BO - VEST in Glostrup.Exhibition at AARHUS TECH art association.Exhibition at AGA`s Art Association.Exhibition at Gallery Bagatel.Exhibition at Sydbank's art association Aabenraa.

2011 - 2012 School art exhibition Mid-West Jutland, from August 11 - July 12.2012 Exhibition Havarthigaarden in Holte.Christmas exhibition in Gallery Bomhuset.Decorating of Avedøre church (baptism)

2013 Exhibition in Hundested art associationExhibition art gallery in SlagelseExhibition at Alm.Brand headquarters in Copenhagen ØExhibition at AbbVit kbh ØExhibition at HAAS-MEINCKE A / S in SkovlundeExhibition Regions hospital in HorsensExhibition KMD OdenseExhibition at Aarhus University in Roskilde / Risø U


Exhibition at Dansommer Århus

Exhibition at FOA in Copenhagen V

Exhibition at HK`s Hovedsæde Kbh S

Exhibition at Haldor and Topsøe A / S in Lyngby

Exhibition at Hydra Greene A / S in Greve

Exhibition at AP Pensionsselskabet Kbh Ø

Exhibition at Hydra Grene A / S in Greve


Exhibition Fair Contemporary art in Aars

Exhibition in Hanstholm art building

Exhibition in the art association of Hvidovre municipality


Exhibition at Ken A / S Art Association on FunenExhibition at Fsb`s Kunstforening Rådhuspladsen KbhExhibition at the art association Nets in Ballerup, CopenhagenExhibition in the art association of Hvidovre HospitalExhibition at the art association Rambøll OdenseExhibition at Stibo Art Association in HøjbjergExhibition at SEAS-NVEExhibition at Vesthimmerland Museum (Autumn Exhibition)Curriculum Vitae (continued)


Exhibition at Nyborg municipalityExhibition at Top Denmark's headquarters in BallerupExhibition at the art association ARTLinco ÅrhusExhibition at the Marel A / S Art AssociationExhibition at Danfoss in SilkeborgExhibition at Århus Tech


Exhibition at Haldor and Topsøe in LyngbyExhibition at Brøndby Art AssociationExhibition at DDH in ViborgExhibition at LK Kunstklub AGA A / S at AmagerExhibition at the art association Terma in HerlevExhibition at Danmarks statistik Kbh Ø


Exhibition at CBS in FrederiksbergExhibition at Vandcenter Syd OdenseExhibition at Dansac in FredensborgExhibition at SDC in Ballerup


Exhibition in march in ARCH and Billund art association

Exhibition in november/december in Aalborg University

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