Profile: Jørn Olsen

As an artist, autodidact, except for participation in several courses throughout the ages.

My photos range widely and are often inspired by what I experience in everyday life, where such experiences and feelings are expressed through painting, but nature also influences my landscape abstraction.

My abstract paintings, which I commonly call my fables, are often untitled. The idea is that the viewer in his own imagination should continue working on the image.



Børkop vandmølle
Ågården, Børkop
Spisegalleriet, Vejle
Atriumhaven, Brejning
Gårslev kulturklub
Betty Sørensen Parken, Vejle
Vestfyns Bank , Børkop
Vejle kommune
Børkop kulturhus
Lægehuset Syrenvej, Børkop
Tørring-Uldum Kunstforening 2011, 2012 og 2014
Zeta House, Vejle

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