Profile: Jette Dodensig

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My name is Jette Dodensig and I have always been creative in some form. For the past 11 years, it's the painting I have been burning for. I am a self-taught art painter but have participated in various short courses on eg. Randers Art School, Aalborg Art School and Aarhus Art Academy.

I love to express myself on the large canvases where there is room for large arm movements. I paint abstractly on acrylic as the most dominant material, supplemented with eg. oil pastel, felt and pencil applied to the canvas using various techniques. I like to paint many layers of each other, to create an extra depth in the subject and thereby give the painting soul.

I get inspiration for my art paintings in everything around me. It can be a nice piece of bark in nature, an advertisement in a magazine, where I get inspired by colors and shapes, an experience or an impression that sets the creative thoughts in motion and generates the very idea phase and the rest of the process around my paintings. I paint because it makes me happy and because I simply can't help.

My many paintings can be viewed and bought through my website and at the art galleries where I exhibit: Galleri Kvist in Horsens, Galleri Inuit in Aalborg, Galleri Lyrum in Aarhus and Galleri Tronsmark Gl. School in Sindal, Dot & Fabrin in Hobro,, as well as at fairs, art exhibitions and other exhibitions where I participate. I wish you great pleasure and hope that you liked my many different paintings.


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