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It started in 1998. And luckily it never stopped again. In other words, the desire to throw oneself over the next canvas in the hope of finding that completely unique expression that the world has never seen before. I'm still working on the case ...

I am a self-taught artist who has been painting quite constantly since 1998. My paintings are usually very colorful, with a playful expression, which seems to be very well connected with my youthful mind. I work with both brush and spatula - and in many layers. That way I get depth in the painting.

My universe is abstract, but often with one or more people painted into the abstract. The characters can have an almost graphic expression, and can help to tell a story.

And many of my paintings tell a story that is often helped along the way by the title of the picture. On the other hand, my titles on the completely abstract images are probably a little more "fluffy". Here I would rather the viewer sees what he / she wants to see, rather than with a title pointing the mind in a certain direction.


I have a hard time naming where I get my inspiration… From life I guess! From my run. From the music. From dealing with other people. And from a slightly convoluted brain that has also worked for many years in the advertising and newspaper industry. However, there are 4 guys from Liverpool who have often appeared in my paintings and titles. I have always been wildly fascinated by The Beatles, and often listen to the music while swinging the brushes. And in between, I just want to pay tribute to them with yet another painting.
My studio is located in the private, where I have a room in the middle of it all. When I am in the middle of the painting process, I have an inner peace and joy that I do not really find in any other way. When it's autumn, I use the painting to ward off a possible black sight, so I can instead enjoy the cozy hours indoors while the rain whips down out there.

It's no secret that I enjoy every time I sell a painting. Not just because of the money! But it can hardly be described how good a feeling it is to be able to create something with the hands that other people have so much desire to look at every day that they will pay for it.

Selected exhibitions:

Carpe Diem Gallery, Viborg
Art'n'time Gallery, FInderup
Gallery Bo, Skagen
Gallery Helco, Hadsund
Gallery Art Expo, Hørning
Art Corner Gallery, Randers
Gallery Brænderigården, Horsens
Pakhuset, Viborg
In addition, various exhibitions at companies, public offices, etc.




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