Profile: Helle Mabel Jacobsen

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Art is my passion, my joy of life and my emotions.

I love colors in my paintings, preferably many colors and many fields of colors. I use brush and palettes. Sometimes my pictures have animal-like characters, other times human-like characters. They are always dressed in colors with colored backgrounds. I am inspired by cobra art with the imaginative characters living their own lives. My paintings are easy to hang on a white wall, they immediately give life to the room.

I am a new artist. In the past I have been busy with food and food art, now my love has fallen on visual art. I work as a teacher where I teach Danish and food knowledge. In the past I have been self-employed in the hotel and restaurant business. Here joy of life and fun experiences were the focus, now it is in my paintings you can find it.

I prefer to paint with others, so I am inspired by the good mood that exciting people spread.




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