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I was born in 1965 in Hammel
Throughout my life, I have always done something creative. As a child / young person, I drew a lot and the play with colors and expressions I have explored in different ways throughout my life. In 2004 I started a visual arts education and my work with painting pictures increased. In 2007 I moved to Horsens, where I have a workshop and studio.

I have been painting for almost 15 years. My basis is a visual arts teacher education supplemented with a number of different courses at the art academy as well as with private teachers.

Over the years, I have experimented and been preoccupied with various themes and expressions. I work in both oil and acrylic. I love the play with the colors and the expression on the canvas. I initially work very intuitively sensing and experimenting. Many of my works are based on sensory impressions from nature, which I try to translate into my works. In some of my works, I have used paper, to get a more vivid expression. The colors and the way of painting can be expressive, but I always strive for harmony / calm for the viewer.

I get my inspiration by sensing and being in nature, but also in the interaction between people - both at home but also on trips I have made.

I have at my address workshop and gallery. It is from here that I work on my works and put together my exhibitions.

I have exhibited the following places over the years:

Selected Exhibitions:

  • Remisen, Brande
  • Vejle Fjord Rehabiliteringscenter, Juelsminde
  • Remisen, Brande
  • Balkongalleriet, Odder
  • Den Sociale Højskole, Horsens
  • Horsens Rådhus, Horsens
  • Den Hvide Hest, Horsens
  • Lægerne Egevej, Hornsyld
  • Arbejdernes Landsbank, Horsens
  • Den Danske Bank, Horsens
  • Mamograficentret, Horsens
  • Galleri Bøghsgade, Horsens
  • Fillips Stenhuggeri, Horsens
  • Bytorv Horsens, Horsens
  • Klosterkirken, Horsens
  • Ørting Hallen, Odder


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