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My inner expression

Throughout my life, the creative process has been an important factor in expressing myself.
It started in kindergarten and since then I have experimented with many different expressions, shapes and colors. Over time, painting took over as the medium I could best express myself in.

For many years now - and still do - I have participated in various course and educational offers at Haderslev Art School, Sønderborg Art School and various folk high school stays, respectively. Here I have experimented with drawing, watercolor, oil paint, acrylic and mixed media.

But only after a 2-year course in painting and design at Andromeda from 2004 - 2006 with artist Baukje Zijlstra did my creative, artistic and intuitive expression take off. Here I really learned to let go of the "fuck" and not be afraid of mistakes and just give it gas. It was an artistic and psychological learning of the greats and I have since followed Baukje's courses for several years, supplemented by another two-year course with the same artist, which I completed in February 2014. At Andromeda I also learned to use different media and materials on the canvas such as paper, cardboard, glue, fabric, yarn, acrylic and oil crayons.
Artist Annemette Hoier Nielsen, who is a true color master, has now for many years supported and taught me a lot about the colors' counter-play and counter-play. She also expanded my understanding and use of mixed media, which today is the method I primarily work and express myself in.


My painting shows very much my state of mind; and therefore every painter is a glimpse of my inner universe. Sometimes the brush is applied and the collage is laid playfully easily - and other times the painting process is experienced as an inner struggle containing frustrations, the feeling of not being able to euphoria when it succeeds. However, the whole process ends up being medicine and balm for soul and body.

To explore the universe of painting and try it out - without my thoughts focusing on the finished result; but just let go and throw yourself into the immersion and sink down - confident that exactly what is going to happen is happening - yes, for me it is a meditative process and deep healing.
In my paintings, people, faces and figures often appear. They just want to move on and they become part of the story that unfolds on the canvas. However, it is most often women who intrude. They just want to express themselves on the canvas. At times immersed, introverted and at other times ready to face the world - despite resistance, challenges and vulnerability. Together we are now ready, trying to stand on our own two feet, believe in life, friendships, joy and love, and at the same time ready to go out and embrace life.

• Haderslev Art School by Kirsten Schrøder
• Sønderborg Art School by Anne Lidlholt Jensen and Adam Gabriel
• Two years of training with Baukje Zijlstra at Andromeda 2004-2006 and 2012-2014
• Løgumkloster folk high school with Jes Mogensen
• Helnæs Folk High School with the Russian artists Alexander Thieme and Peter Reichel
• Supervision, sparring and courses by Annemette Hoier Nielsen
• Censored exhibitions at Banegården Åbenrå
• Exhibitions at Vojens Music School, Kolding Municipality, Jels, Haderslev, Odder etc.
• Exhibits at Galerie Knud Grothe 2019 and 2020
• Participated in POPUP Art in Haderslev
Member of the artist group Hermaan
• Participates in Open Doors 6100 in Haderslev




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