Profile: Daisy Dahl

The art of thinking creative.

My name is Daisy Dahl (born 1981). I am an autodidact visual artist and have worked with art most of my life. In 2002, I began to immerse myself in the art's unmatched possibilities. It became the foundation of a whole new universe of colorful experiences and unique forms of expression.

I work mainly with visual art, but is also fascinated by glass, and its raw material eventually melts into a single unit. Art is the way in which I can immerse myself in the image. Disconnect some kind of meditation. Feelings of experiences that travel on a journey where I never really know where they end.

Characteristic of my paintings are the many unique house motifs. I love to seduce the colors and let them guide me to the perfect painting. I paint modern paintings with life-loving lovely colors. My paintings should make the viewer feel comfortable and have the experience of creating joy and harmony for all.

My paintings can best be described as the encounter between imagination and real, emotions and moods that arise right in between the physical world and the fictional world.

In general, I get inspiration in everything I surround myself with. Everyday unique moments, experiences, feelings and moods. I get inspiration from the composition of the colors, combination possibilities and the contrast between light and dark. I move around wide and use strong colors like yellow, orange, red, copper and gold, highlighting different effects in the image, and dark colors like blue, brown or black to maintain calm and balance.

I use the art of expressing myself creatively, and loves to create skewed detail in the painting, which makes the paintings a little adventurous expression.

Many colorful greetings
Daisy Dahl

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