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The painting is only completely in place when it has the balance between poetry and power - between the raw and the fine, the narratives and all the unspoken… There must be something to explore, for anyone looking at the picture.

I work in mixed media and oil painting. Sometimes I build a ground
up of putty, old book pages, tear from a newspaper, poster column or a city map.

In this way, there are fragments of culture that blend into the narratives.
Other times, it is nature's great forces that play the main role. And right there
between nature and culture is man, because there are almost always people with him in my paintings - sometimes just as hints.

In addition, my many trips to Tuscany also make an impression on my photos - not least in the color choice and the rustic structures. Iceland, on the other hand, has been a great destination when it applies to the raw forces of nature that also fascinate and inspire.

Since 2014, I have had a gallery in Rørholmsgade in Copenhagen. K. Here you can see my paintings when they are not out at exhibitions. I am a trained visual arts teacher and teach as well as do workshops.



ADAF, Amsterdam (2020)
Aller Press, kunstforening (2020)
Kunstforeningen Foyeren, Taastrup (2018 + 19)
CIMT, kunstforening, Kbh. (2019)
Glostrup kunstforening (2017)
Landsbyggefonden, kunstforen., Kbh. (2017)
Finansforbundet, Kbh. (2017)
Brøndsalen, Frb. med FUGA (2017)
Dupont, kunstforening, Grindsted (2016)
Politiets Kunstforening, Kbh. (2014)
Kunstforeningen v. Trelleborg, Helsingør (2014)
Hillerød Kunstdage
Il Greppo, Montepulciano, Italien (2012)
X-Porten, Hundested (2012, 2013, 2015, 2017)
Filosoffen, Odense (2011)
Kunstgården i Bogense (2009, 2011)



Kirsten Marie Hedeland, writer at Kunstavisen, wrote about my paintings that they:

”… Oozes volcanic energy and southern atmosphere. You do not immediately see that these are landscapes, you just get the feeling of something vast and horizontal…. In her works lies the story hidden in the motifs that are concentrated around music, landscapes and in particular man
told in a poetically embracing idiom.

There is a good composition in Charlotte's paintings, which are so saturated with color, but where the colors harmoniously overlap. We move at the hot end of the color scale where one can really feel the passion and the spark of life. The rustic feel and the golden colors guide one's thoughts towards the warmth and temperament of the south. Charlotte picture universe is full of good impulses.

They are musical and sensual, and you feel like traveling and experiencing new cultures when you step into Charlotte's expressive and coloristic paintings. ”





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