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Birthe Villauma's painting is based on abstract expressionism, where the landscape is the recurring motif in her paintings. She maintains something characteristic in the topography and coloristic tone of the landscape, but the painting also contains a spontaneous and intuitive experience, where the images are a construction of the immediate and spontaneous with attention directed to experiences and inspiration from one's own life.

The seen and the inner experienced images of a moment in nature, gather for her in emotions and narrative from the mind and movements and dynamics from the body.

Birthe Villauma Wiberg

Each image has its own history and energy and one can feel and sense Birthe's world of inner and outer influences and experiences of memories, sensations, emotions, temperaments, moods and nature. Precisely her personal perception of a motif captures the viewer in a special way. Different associations of an image arise depending on what experiences, memories and emotions one has in oneself or has had through life. One can dream into the motif, recreate a wonderful experience in the nature-inspired abstractions.

For Birthe, the work with the painting is a constant examination and exploration, where she finds the power and rhythm of the motif and maintains the immediate impression and makes it present to us. The painting is rediscovered and there is an infinite source of inspiration in front of her. From the elements of the landscape, she creates her own landscapes. She notices the special character of the landscape and summarizes her experiences.


Birthe Villauma moves curiously and accustomed to the stage around the abstract formations and compositions and likes the intuitive movements that occur in the present when she works with painting. It casts a natural flow of itself and an entrance to immersion in the process where calm, fervor, dynamism and determination are mixed in an unconscious reflection.

© By Kirsten-Marie Hedeland, Art Reviewer at Kunstavisen and TV Host on Kultur-Kanalen, December 2020

Birthe Villauma Wiberg


Birthe Villauma Wiberg

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