Profile: Birgit Traberg Sørensen

My name is Birgit Traberg. I am an autodidact artist and works as a nurse daily. In my spare time, I almost always paint and paint acrylic paint, and I gained my knowledge and skills by participating in online courses, reading books on the subject and practicing me a lot. I paint almost every day. I also participate in various workshops and online education.

I am completely absorbed by painting and at all dealing with art, following what others are doing, networking and learning from others' good advice and guidance. I am a member of "Annes Atelier", where I have also learned a lot of things. Every month I get feedback on one of my paintings, by Anne Juul.

I love playing with the mood and light in my paintings. Is very inspired by nature and I want to make paintings that make people happy or give the viewer some form of peace and tranquility in mind, which I think nature scenes do

In addition, I also paint abstractly, and often use a technique where I paint many layers of layers and build small stories. I like to experiment with different techniques, and therefore have a little different style.

I am in favor of having a relaxed relationship with art, it must be fun to paint. At the same time, painting has also been a kind of therapy for me, since after some cancer treatments, I have a chronic pain problem, and painting here has been a fantastic diversion, which I have almost become addicted to.

Tom Jørgensen writes:

You can not see the forest for just trees, sounds a familiar way of speaking.

However, in Birgit Traberg's paintings, it is possible to capture both the individual tree and the forest as a whole. When this is possible, it is because she sacrifices the 100% naturalistic representation of the tree in favor of a basically impressionistic study where the color and shape are outlined with a loose hand. The most important thing is the atmosphere and the light. The light that flows down through the wood crowns and bathe the surroundings in a warm sunset light or a blurred twilight cutter. In the foreground, the degree of detail is quite large, but the longer, one's gaze reaches into the woods, the more the forms dissolve in an atmospheric disco. The forest appears unbearable and mysterious, and a very special sense of calm and harmony spreads: the forest breathes and becomes alive.

The jump to another type of paintings is therefore not as big as you would think. In a series of more abstract paintings, some of them called "Dreamscapes", Birgit Traberg takes the step from the classically-built picture to a more collage-like composition. In these paintings, there is no longer a central motive, but a soaring twist of colors and shapes that weave in and out of each other. Where the paintings of trees have something supernatural about them, the step is taken in full and the pictures become pure fantasy products, where everything can happen and everything is possible. With a palette of warm tropical-like colors and with motifs like exotic birds, palaces, butterflies, flowers and sky-tearing turrets, we leave the nude Hverdagsdanmark and enter the imaginative cross-border empire. And everyone is welcome to look in.

Tom Jørgensen, art critic at Jyllands Posten, editor of Kunstavisen

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