Profile: Annette Mahoney

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As an artist, I am preoccupied with colors and shapes.

I am inspired by the Bauhaus movement, but also the acid rock of the 1960s, and the art that emerged through album covers and posters plays a big role in my work.

What runs through the works is the tight, graphic line, and the motif always grows out of something that preoccupies me, either on a personal level or as a more political commentary on society.

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Solo Exhibitions:


Portalen, Hundige, Denmark Oct.2019

Furesø Town Hall, Denmark Feb.-April 2020

Design Classiq, Denmark Sep 2020

Godsbanen, Århus, Denmark June 2021

Kældergalleriet, Denmark July 2021

Vesthimmerlands Kunstmuseum, Denmark Oct 2021

Vejen Town Hall, Denmark Jan 2022


Group exhibitions:

Galleri Langager, Fall exhibition, Denmark Oct 2019

Censored exhibition/Unesco, women can save the world, curator: Robert Ronca, Italy May-Oct 2020

Dress Me, M.A.D.S Galeria, Italy Oct 2020

Red, King House Gallery, UK aug-sep 2020

Political Discord, Las Laguna Gallery, USA Oct 2020

Colour Boom, Boomer Gallery, UK Oct 2020

Censored exhibition/Unesco, Work, curator: Robert Ronca, Italy

May-Oct 2021





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