Profile: Alf Pedersen

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Alf P is an autodidact artist for 20 years.
The way into the art started at the age of 20, where my parents got new neighbors named Kurt Vincent and his wife Hanne and their boy Jonas.
One day Kurt walked out in his garden with something I could not quite see what was but that raised my interest.
I looked over the hedge, and Kurt was making a wooden sculpture. 
He ended up inviting me inside their home.
The things that met me there were colorful paintings with their abstractions and precious figures, and an ocean of sculptures.

The feeling I got inside was overwhelming.
I felt I was hit by a hammer without knowing how to translate things. But the interest was awaken.

4 years later, I had a crisis in my life, where I had lived on the edge of society's norms. My life was in need of change, and art helped me on my way out.

For the past 20 years, I have been trying out different styles, to find my style. I found this 5-6 years ago, and today I work with light, street art, pop art, collages and abstract images.

Alf Pedersen


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