Profile: Jesper Sørensen

I started painting in 1998, where I threw over a series of seamless canvases.
The result was an exhibition at Galleri Carpe Diem in Viborg in 1999. After a mildly overwhelming response, I got more blood on my teeth - or paint on my fingers ... or whatever they say.
At least I have since painted a sea of ​​paintings, which today decorate the walls of many homes and businesses all around.

I constantly try to challenge myself with new techniques, and over time I have developed my own characteristic style with an abstract universe - combined with naturalistic characters. Often with a touch of pop art and in between garnished with a surprising, provocative or humorous touch.

Happy colors and a often sprawling expression are a reflection of an alleged youthful mind and a positive approach to life.

Since 1999 exhibitions at Galleri Carpe Diem in Viborg and solo exhibitions in private leases.
In addition, exhibitions at Møldrup Municipality, Vestas Viborg, Bræmer-Jensen / Gallery Randers, Barbaras Slice, Gallery ArtNTime in Finderup + Decoration tasks and murals at bl.a. JP Group (Denmark, Turkey and China), Emmas Herning and Viborg and a wealth of other companies.
Additionally, some of my paintings are rented at ArtnTime Art Rental.

I do not paint much in the summer when I prefer to be out in the sun. On the other hand, I'm completely crazy in the fall / winter months, which means I'm not getting black because of the bad weather :-)

Well ... what else can I say. I'm painting because I can not help. And because I gradually get so much positive response that it opens up to much more. My main business, however, remains in the advertising industry, where I speak and write and hate - as a consultant / textwoman and concept maker.

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