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To paint is to play. I love to experiment and find new expressions. It's about turning off the thoughts and letting the creative vein flow.

I was born in 1969. When I was young I had to choose an education, I chose between the Academy of Fine Arts and a translator and interpreter in French. The latter won. I have lived and worked as a translator in France for a number of years, among others. in Paris, Nice and Cannes, where the beautiful southern French burnt colors inspired me a lot. While working as a translator, my free time was almost always spent with a brush in hand. For the last 5 years, I have primarily devoted myself to art. And it's a choice I've never regretted! I am therefore a self-taught artist, but have taken several courses in both watercolor and acrylic, including 2 years at Aarhus Art Academy.


Anne Kragh-Pedersen

I have been painting for as long as I can remember. The first many years with watercolor, but the last 5 years mostly with acrylic. Abstract primarily. My inspiration comes from the colors. My brain is visual and constantly thinking in new beautiful color combinations and patterns. For me, colors are connected to the senses. When I was a kid, every thing even had a color in my curly brain. My paintings are intuitive, expressionist and coloristic. I never have an idea of ​​what the painting should look like before I start. At most a sense of what colors I feel like using.

I like to use mixed media in my paintings, ie. charcoal, graphite pen, posca ink, ink, oil pastel, tissue paper, spray paint etc. I paint primarily with spatula and brush, but have also tried painting with cheese grater!

Anne Kragh-Pedersen

I suffer from chronic migraine due to whiplash, and painting makes me forget the pain for a while. It makes me so happy to focus on something else. I would like to pass on that joy to the viewer. I am often told by others that they will be happy to look at my painting. That's my mission.

My position is that the minimalist style that many Danes prefer in their homes is too boring. I am convinced that if we dared more with colors in our homes, then we would be happier with it. A colorful painting on a white wall is just so beautiful!


Anne Kragh-Pedersen

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